Manage Key Performance Indicators with Prima’s Retail Intelligence

Prima’s reporting and business intelligence outputs promote a data-driven culture and analytics mindset by industrialising data and facilitating ease of access to the critical information and predictive insights.

Prima has worked intrinsically with one of South Africa’s largest retail distributors over an extended period to provide dynamic reporting and business intelligence functionality, which includes:

The suite of reporting services includes consolidation of data from various sources into a datalake, data mining and cleansing, and the development of comprehensive reports, graphs and dashboards which are designed after extensive consultation with business. Together, these processes significantly alleviate data analysis and put the reporting process on autopilot.
The array of reporting functionality through the length and breadth of Prima’s leading retail distributor customer include:
Inventory reports such as stock holding, stock turns, inbounds, trending, dead stock and areas of underperformance.
Financial reports that track revenue and profit objectives (by division, team, product and client) and provide insights into discrepancies between financial results and forecasts.
Performance reports such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure performance against individual, team and business benchmarks.
Customer and product analysis which report performance and identify trends

Business Intelligence:
Prima’s Business Intelligence services aim for real-time data analysis and predictive modelling, which drive performance decisions. The tools used are created for flexibility and value for both technical and non-technical users.
Some of the Business Intelligence driven to decision makers at Prima’s leading retail distributor customer include:

·      Forecasting stock holding based on cover thresholds
·      Flagging the forecast of negative and excess stock, as well as the suggested amendment
·      Number of sale months’ stock is in transit and held, and the adjustment of stock cover based on forecasts
·      Management of real-time service level

Highlights of Prima’s Reporting and Business Intelligence delivery at Prima’s leading retail distributor customer include:

Deployment of SQL, DAX, Power Query tools and the development of internal resources for the continued support in conjunction with Prima

Management of KPI’s across business utilising Prima development reports and Intelligence

Management of stock ordering patterns and reduction of dead stock through Prima developed reports and predictive analysis

Prima promotes data- driven culture and analytics mindset by industrializing data and facilitating easy access to insights.

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